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Lighthouses Vol. 2.  The West Coast (Plus Prince Edward Island from Canada's East).

A whole new batch of lighthouse designs from Dodge Studio.

A mix of designs for lighthouse panels, suncatchers and more including some 3-d designs.

Contains designs for:

Cape Blanco, (Suncatcher)

Cape Mendocino, (3-D and suncatcher versions)

Coquille River, (Panel, almost 10" * 14")

Pigeon Point, (Approx. 10" * 16" panel)

Point Cabrillo, (Approx. 15" * 9" panel)

Point Montara, (Suncatcher and Panel Approx 10" * 13")

Point Wilson, (Oval or Round panel, 10" * 15")

Table Bluff, (10" * 16" panel)

West Point (Canadian East Coast) (3-D)                          All are based on actual lighthouses.

3-D designs have complete step by step instructions.